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Hello! My name is Julie Wesseling and I am the owner of Chimney Peak Financial Services, LLC. I've done accounting for many years starting in college and then for all sorts of industries after working in Public Accounting as an auditor.  Some businesses had income in the thousands per year and some had income over $500 million per year.

I started this business in 2018 and since then have learned a lot of things. The change in technology has been eye opening.  I've converted from Quickbooks desktop to Quickbooks Online (QBO) and plan to do business in the virtual world.  I don't need to be on-site, everything can be done remotely. 

As a CPA, I can make filing taxes easier since I know the information needed to file your taxes.  I've also learned what business owners need to see in regards to financial reports to run and grow their businesses.  

Some of the apps I've used to recently to track and import information to QBO include Launch27, Stripe, Square, Paypal, LeanLaw, and  Excel Transactions Importer and Deleter.  Other cloud products I am proficient with are and ProConnect Tax.  I'm proficient with all storage devices:  Dropbox, Google docs, Onedrive, and Hubdocs.  The point is that today's technology can save time and therefore money.

I am a passionate individual that is strategic and analytical in accounting and finance, with over thirty years of accounting experience in both public and private industries. I bring a unique perspective to each company I work with  love setting up businesses with chart of accounts, budgets and getting the most efficient organizational flow.  


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